Sixth Annual Route 66 Tiddler Ride

April 15th 2023 Kick Stand Up at 9:30am

Starting at the Marina in Topock, AZ
14999 Route 66 (Hwy 40 - Exit # 1)

This is a One-Day Ride - Out and Back - 62 Miles Each Way

Lunch Stop at the Hualapai Lodge (Midway Point)

Arrive with Fuel in your tank at the start, there is no fuel at the Marina, fuel is available a few places on the ride. Bring water and some basic tools. Please stop if someone needs help on the roadside. Bring your cell phone, ask the chase truck driver for their number. If you leave the group let the chase truck driver know so at the end, we are not looking for you. Do not parking in the Marina Parking Lot, park across the street in the dirt lot. There are overnight Hotel / RV accommodations at the Avi Casino near the start. There will be a $20 fee to participate, this cover the lunch cost and the chase vehicle fuel.

You will be required to have proof of insurance, we will ask.

For More Information:

Harry Klemm at

Jack Stein at or by phone: 602-762-7511

The adventure will Start at the Topock Marina and resort, 14999 Route 66. The Marina is nearby interstate 40 at Exit 1 on the Arizona side of the bridge over the Colorado River. At the exit go to the north about ¼ mile, the parking lot is after you pass under the railroad bridge on the left side of the road, there is plenty of parking for trailers and vehicles.

From Topock we will ride north on Route 66 to the town of Golden Shores, and then follow the sign to Oatman (basically continue forward, don’t turn to the left). In Oatman we will stop for 45 minutes to see the sights. We will regroup at the north end of Oatman at the public parking lot, and ride North and East on Route 66 over the top of the mountain towards Kingman.

From Oatman we continue on Route 66 and will stop at the old gas station in Cool Springs to regroup and take pictures and check out the place.

From Cool Springs we will continue on Route 66 toward Kingman until the Route 66 comes to a “T” and makes a 90 degree turn to the right, we will continue to the right on Route 66 about two miles and will pass under Interstate 40 at which time Route 66 will become the Frontage Road on the south side of Interstate 40, we will turn to the left and regroup at the gas station immediately on the right.

From the Gas Station we will proceed on Route 66 towards Kingman. Route 66 will eventually come to a “T” intersection in downtown Kingman, there will be a stop sign , a park with a huge locomotive is in front of you at the stop sign, turn right on Route 66 and continue through downtown Kingman. Route 66 will go up a hill and then you will come to a stop light at Hualapai Mountain Road, there is a Big O Tire on the right side and a Walgreens on the left.

From the Stop Light at Hualapai Mountain Road We will turn to the right and follow the Hualapai Mountain Road to The Hualapai Mountain Resort which will be on the right, 4525 Hualapai Mountain Road. You can eat in the restaurant at the lodge or just relax outside the lodge and bring some food and eat on your own. There is a small store at the lodge, but no other businesses in the town.


Return Trip

One Hour after we arrive in Hualapai mountain we will gather for the return trip . This may take a few minutes longer since the restaurant speed is going to be hard to gauge until we get there. Just before you arrive in the residential area where the lodge is located there is a county park on the right side of the mountain road. There is a paved area in front of the guard shack were we can gather to start the return trip.



Topock to Oatman – 25 miles, this section starts out by following the river to the small town of Golden Shores. There is some Gasoline available in Golden Shore, off route by 1/8 of a mile to the left. The main road will turn west and we will continue straight onto Route 66 which becomes a smaller street toward Oatman, it is marked. Watch for the stop sign, I almost got nailed once by and RV once when I didn’t notice the stop. After we pass thru the small town of Golden Shores Route 66 passes through some desolate and beautiful desert until you get to Oatman. When in Oatman slow down and watch out for tourist driving, they all are not familiar with the area and many are from overseas countries, be careful. We will depart from the small parking lot on the left after you pass thru the area of storefronts.

Oatman to Cool Spring -11 miles, this section is very slow and narrow road, it will go over a mountain pass and thru many switch backs. This is an old, original section of Route 66, the paving is old and the road narrow, but easy to pass thru on. Cool Spring is an old restored gas station building made of stone on the left side of the road, it is easy to spot.

Cool Spring to the Gas Station – 8 Miles, this section is a straight road that passes thru some beautiful desert; there are some homes along the way so keep an eye on the road for traffic. The road basically comes to a dead end and you will follow Route 66 to the right and under the interstate, it will dead end at the frontage road on the far side of the interstate. Turn right and we will stop at the sorry looking gas station. This will be another fuel stop.

Gas Station to Hualapai Lodge- 18 Miles, this section of Route 66 will follow the train tracks thru a narrow canyon and dump us out in downtown Kingman next to the county Jail. Turn to the right onto Route 66 and travel thru downtown Kingman. After you go up a significant hill look for the Big O Tire on the right at Hualapai Mountain Road, there is a traffic light. We will turn right onto Hualapai Mountain Road which starts out passing some subdivisions of houses, then turns more rural, and then gets steep and has some curves as you climb into the pine trees. The temperature is cooler at this elevation. The lodge is somewhat hard to find on the right side of the road in the area where there are cabins, the road starts to descend just before the lodge appears on the right, look carefully.

About a mile before the residential area there is a county park on the right side of the road at the apex of a hard left bend in the road, in the front of the entry is where we will gather for the ride back to Topock.

On the return ride we will regroup at the Gas Station by Interstate 40, check you tanks, the ride up the mountain may consume more fuel than usual. After we pass under the interstate be sure to look for the left turn to stay on route 66.

We will regroup just past Oatman, there is a large parking area at the intersection with Oatman Road and route 66 . From there it is Back to Topock. The restaurant/bar at Topock also has a nice store.



• Arrive with Fuel in your tank at the start, there is not fuel available at the Marina, but there is fuel a few places on the ride.

• Bring water and some basic tools. You need to help someone on the roadside.

• Bring your cell phone, ask the chase truck driver for their number if you think you are at risk of a breakdown.

• If you leave the group let the chase truck driver know so at the end we are not looking for you.

• You will be required to have proof of insurance, we will ask.

• There will be many types of vintage bikes on this ride, small and large, American, European, and Japanese. Everyone is welcome.